Message From Hayah’s Board


In September 2022, Hayah West opened its doors to a special group of students from Pre-K to Grade 6. Over the next few years, Hayah West will be welcoming more students in upper grades as it grows and becomes a full K-12 school. We look forward to graduating our first cohort in 2029!

Hayah International School (aka Hayah International Academy) came to life in 2003, with a small group of educators and families who shared and believed in our vision and trusted Hayah to be part of their children’s educational journey. One of the school’s main strengths is its pioneer character education program, especially tailored to align with its mission and vision.

The 2023 academic year proudly marks the 20th for Hayah’s main campus. Hayah has been devoted as a community to sparing no effort to fulfill its mission in graduating well-rounded individuals who honor their cultural identity. Our channels of communication remain open for all our stakeholders as we look forward to a long and prosperous future with both Main and Hayah West communities.

Hayah Board of Directors